Sell my home during a Divorce in Portland OR

We buy houses from people going through divorce.

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Are you trying to figure out what to do when selling a home during a divorce in Portland? It’s tough on a couple who are going through a divorce.  Sell my house 24 wants to help you make the process easy. We work with a network of property investors who want to pay you cash and buy your house in Portland. We don’t care what condition your home is in, where your home is located, or the price of your home we have investors that want to buy your house today.

If you are looking to sell my home because of divorce in Portland then you have come to the right place because we don’t care what is wrong with your home or what your situation is we buy all houses and properties as is. We even can buy your home if there is a tenant living in it paying rent we handle all the paperwork. Don’t worry about fixing up your house and trying to repair any damage or cosmetics because we buy houses fast making it easy to sell your home in Portland.

We understand you want to get the most money for your house and sell your house quick in Portland so you can split it up in the divorce. We usually need a little bit of wiggle room on the price because since we are investors we want to buy your property in Portland with the potential to turn it around and make a profit eventually. We will get you the most money for your property fast and make it a fair deal for all parties involved. Don’t let pull your hair out over what to do with your home during a divorce in Portland because we can make it super easy and hassle free.

Sell my house during Divorce in Portland Oregon.

Get a CASH offer within 24 hours and fast closing in 7 days. 

We make the process fast to sell your home in Portland cutting out all the stuff that wastes precious time such as repairs, closing problems, and home appraisals that can drag out for a long time. If your considering handing your home over to a real estate broker who says he can sell your house fast then think again these real estate agents in Portland usually take months to find a buyer and close the deal while we only take a week. It’s much faster, easier, and we handle all the paper work and hassle so you can sell your home during the divorce without any headache.

Could you use some money to help with legal expenses? How about $5000 right now to help with a divorce lawyer?

If you have a clear title we will give you a $5000 upfront when if you accept our written offer within 24 hours! A divorce can be very expensive especially a divorce lawyer so we want you to take this money to help you with legal fees or whatever you need it for. We will buy your house in Portland Molalla OR, Portland OR, Salem OR, Springfield OR, Tigard OR, Gladstone OR, Fairview OR, Clackamas OR, West Linn OR, St Johns OR, Milwaukie OR, Lake Oswego OR, Tualatin OR, Troutdale OR, Sherwood OR, Albany OR, Aloha OR, Beaverton OR, Corvallis OR, Eugene OR, Grants Pass OR, Gresham OR, Hillsboro OR, Keizer OR no matter what the condition, location, or price is.

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Don’t wait until it’s to late get cash now and it only takes 7 days to close!

Avoid the middle men like contractors, real estate brokers, and flakey house buyers who want to take your equity and only have their best intrest in mind. We care about you and want to give you the most money for your house in Portland because we work with a network of home investors who know that property prices will go up in the future and want to pay you top cash for your property.