Sell your house in Portland while the market is high.

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Sell Your House While the Markets High

You know the saying “sell while the cauldron’s hot” right? Of course you have and right now it’s hot. At least if your in the real estate business and especially if you own your own home. Right now is the time to cash in on your home and buy that RV you’ve been dreaming about to go on that ultimate road trip around the country, after all you only live once. Why would you subject yourself to mediocrity when you could live extraordinary. What’s that? You don’t want to share your profits with a greedy Realtor? We don’t blame you. So here’s the solution you’ve been seeking. Call at 503-344-0723, we buy houses in Portland for an attractive and fair price.

You read that right, we buy houses in Portland so you can slap those Realtor’s money grubbing hands away and keep all the cash for yourself. We are the number one House buyer company in Portland, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and anywhere else in our Service Area. Once you receive a quote by calling 503-334-0723, we will honor that price and won’t hit you with any hidden fees whatsoever. We can’t say the same for other Portland house buyer companies. Can you?  We didn’t think so. All that’s left to do is contact us now and begin your new journey or whatever you choose to do with the money right now the choice is yours but don’t let the Portland Housing Bubble effect you when it bursts.

It’s a no brainer really, simply pick up your phone, and call us, or if you’re shy when it comes to old school forms of communication, you can always visit us at and fill out a web form to get the ball rolling. It’s your choice, either way we’re here to service you and will offer you a fair price for your house! We are waiting to hear from you!