Now is the time to sell your home in Portland OR

Right Now is the Time to Sell Your House in Portland

The housing market has rebounded nicely as of lately. Right now is the time to sell your home in Portland! If you wait too long you may be left out in the cold when it comes to buyers. More and more people are buying homes as more programs are opening up to help people become homeowners AGAIN.

The time to consider selling your home is now.

The Wave

Real estate moves in waves. Sometimes it is a buyers’ market (which means that the deals benefit the buyers) and sometimes it is a sellers’ market (which means that the deals benefit the sellers). The waves come and go.

Right now is a really great time to position yourself to sell if you live in the Portland Metro Area. The interest rates are way down which means that buyers are very motivated to be out looking for a home. You can take advantage of this wave of opportunity.

Your Competition

A lot of people are under the WRONG impression when it comes to whether this is a good time to sell my house because of all the bank owned foreclosures on the market. The reality banks make it very difficult to buy a home from them and many buyer’s agents will let them know they are looking at anywhere from 6 months to a year before they can close.

Your real competition is your neighbors and people in your community that are getting ready to sell.  To beat out the competition you will need to act quickly before other people realize that the time to sell their home is now.

If you wait

The interest rates will not stay consumer friendly forever they will start to climb again and once that happens the buyer pool will start to dry up and it will become more difficult to sell.  Now is the time to take the steps to get your home sold.

Of course because of the “wave” associated with the real estate market you just never know where the market is going to head. Taking advantage of this market is the best way to know that you will be able to sell.

You have to strike while the fire is hot and the fire is hot right now! Sell my house in Portland and Don’t delay or you may regret taking advantage of the market as it is right now.  You never know what is coming down the road, it is a good idea to move right now.