No Closing Cost

There is never any closing cost when you sell your house to us.

sell you house in Portland No Closing Cost

Why pay closing cost? We buy houses in Portland with No Closing Costs.

    • Typically speaking if you are trying to sell your houses then you are responsible for the closing costs of the sale. Closing cost are the fees that that occur after the sale of your Home. Closing Cost Fees really can affect the overall dollar amount you get when your house is sold, If you don’t have that much equity in your home you could end up shelling out thousands of dollars instead of making money off your home sale with the amount of closing costs there are.

Typical Closing Costs

So to put it straight forward theres no way to get around the closing costs when you sell your house in Portland OR. Since The buyer never offers to pay these costs and it can really cut into the amount of money you end up with when all is said and done. You can expect to pay between 6% and 10% of the total sale in Closing Costs. That means that when you sell your houses for $300,000 you can spend as much as $30,000 in closing costs. Thats absolutely ridiculous and we know that, Thats why we pay all the closing costs.