How to Stop Foreclosure in Portland OR

Are you facing foreclosure in the Portland Area because your late on your Mortgagee?

Here is the hard truth

Do you wonder How to Stop Foreclosure in Portland well in life things don’t always happen as planned and unforeseen obstacles set us back temporarily such as Injury or Medical Problems, Laid off your job, or a Divorce are a few of the many circumstances that can force us to start looking for a Business in Portland that Buys Houses.  Sometimes it’s your only option because you can’t afford to keep paying the mortgage due to your situation and if you don’t find a buyer for your home your house will end up being foreclosed.

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The worst thing that could happen to you is have your house put through a foreclosure.  When your foreclosed on it never goes away for your entire life and any time you fill out a Credit Application they will ask you if you have ever been foreclosed on and when you say yes in most cases you application will be denied. We want to buy your house before it goes through foreclosure. We can buy your near foreclosure home within 7 days and write you a cash offer within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate because Sell My House 24 buyers any foreclosure homes  in any condition no matter what the price is or where it is located.

Things you might of thought about but we don’t recommend.

  • Filing Bankruptcy Your Lawyer might recommend you to file bankruptcy to avoid your home in Portland being foreclosed on but we don’t recommend this.  It will probably cost you thousands of dollars just to find out your home will still be foreclosed on.  If you heard about the Chapter 13 they allow you to continue making payments on your home that is until your late on a payment or you miss a payment and the person who lent you money takes that opportunity to file foreclosure again so your out all of the money you payment on a Bankruptcy Lawyer and to fill out the paperwork. Don’t even think about filing Chapter 7 because you will still be foreclosed on just it will take longer and your credit history will be completely ruined. We recommend you to stay as far away from Bankruptcy as possible.
  • Is it a good idea to list with a Real Estate Agent?  Real Estate Agents play the numbers game and try to list as many houses as possible while not really trying to actively sell one. They hope that if they list 10 houses 1 or 2 of them will close due to a simple yard sign or a buyers agents hopefully finding your home through a online listing or the RMLS. If your looking for someone to Sell My Near Foreclosure Home In Portland Fast then this option wont work for you. The chances are you will fall through the foreclosure cracks before one of these Real Estate Agents finds a buyer who is qualified to buy your home.  Even if they do by the good grace of god find a buyer they probably wont know how to deal with the banks to take your home out of foreclosure.
  • Do you recommend refinancing my home?  Many Real Estate Agents will try and get your business by giving you the option to stop foreclosure by refinance your house through them.  This option to stop foreclosure in Portland won’t work for you because it only makes your house payments bigger and your interest rates higher. If you are going through a situation where you can’t pay your mortgage already then we don’t recommend making your payments higher.

Sell My House 24 can help you when others can’t and here is how

  • Sell your house fast within a week hassle free We understand your ready to get over this part of your life and selling your house fast is your highest priority. We can give you a written offer on your house within 24 hours and cash through a reputable title company within 7 days. Don’t let your Portland Home Foreclosure crush your credit and ruin your finances. Sell your home today fast and come out on top.
  • Sell My House 24 has a network of investors that know what they’re doing Don’t worry about paperwork or headaches because our investors will deal with all the hard work. They have your best interest in mind and will take care of the lawyers and lending companies who only care about getting their money and not helping you come to a resolution that will secure your future.
  • Sleep good at night Once we buy your house and stop the foreclosure on your Portland home you no longer have to worry about paying your mortgage, fixing up your house to sell it, or any of the other nightmares involved with your house. We help you sleep well knowing your home is sold and you have money in your pocket so you can handle whats going on in your life. No more problems it’s a fresh start for you and when your ready to buy a new house you don’t have to worry about checking yes for the option “Have you ever been foreclosed on” because you sold your house to a Portland Home Buyer.

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We buy foreclosure homes in Portland and the following cities

Albany OR, Aloha OR, Beaverton OR, Corvallis OR, Eugene OR, Grants Pass OR, Gresham OR, Hillsboro OR, Keizer OR, Molalla OR, Portland OR, Salem OR, Springfield OR, Tigard OR, Gladstone OR, Fairview OR, Clackamas OR, West Linn OR, St Johns OR, Milwaukie OR, Lake Oswego OR, Tualatin OR, Troutdale OR, Sherwood OR

If you don’t see your city listed above call us anyways chances are we just forgot to add it because their are hundreds of cities in Oregon we buy houses.